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The whole story of TJ Organics started when one of company’s founders started to struggle with sleep, joints discomfort and some other issues while the other struggled with focus and brain clarity. Since Both partners / friends believed in holistic and natural remedies, they started searching for natural products to support issues they were struggling with.

The two friends started searching and trying natural products to support their bodies. Luckily enough they stumbled into hemp oil products / CBD. They tried CBD from many different sellers online but the results weren’t satisfactory. The founders changed course and decided to make their own CBD product line to be the best in the market in terms of quality and potency not only to help themselves but to also help many others who may struggle with the same or similar issues

After conducting extensive research about CBD from seed to sale, the company founders
landed on the best organic CBD raw materials supplier in the country that follows a vertically integrated process from providing the farmers with the best hemp seeds to organically growing them all the way up to the extraction process.


With the formation of this partnership with our supplier, TJ Organics was born and the results were a variety of Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract/CBD products that are the best quality and most potent including tinctures, soft-gels, salves, energy drinks, CBD face masks and gummies.

cbd oil online